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With a staff of New York Times bestselling authors, ghostwriters, and former acquisitions editors from Big-5 publishers, we provide our clients with the very best in talent, publishing expertise, & professionalism.

Native Award Winning Writers

Our innovative team approach to the book-writing & publishing process offers clients focused attention from multiple industry experts through every step of the process.

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You’ll find that our professionalism & personalized client care stands out among an industry dominated by impersonal outsourcing & publishing services that lack professionalism.

Facilitating Self Help Publishing on Amazon

It can become quite intimidating for you in the beginning once you consider the idea of self help publishing. The ideal thing is that you do not have to explore several sources because it can cause a lot of confusion in your mind. However, Amazon has revolutionized the bookselling process, especially for self publishing authors like you. Now you can go ahead to explore an idea for your new book. You will have to focus entirely on unique content for your book. For this purpose, our ghostwriters can help you to start with book writing. Once they complete your project, it will then become easier to pursue the option of self publishing on Amazon.

If you make a decision of working with a ghostwriter, then you must know vital information to get started. We assure you one thing that you would not have to worry about the experience of our ghostwriters. They have good abilities to deliver all sorts of work that is essential for book writing. Our ghostwriters have an excellent track record in not just producing great content for books but even facilitating self-help publishing on Amazon. Unlike other services, you wouldn't experience any communication barriers, and you can easily collaborate with a ghostwriter. You will have to take some time to provide adequate notes to the writer, review the work and make few suggestions if needed.

What else are few other factors that matter once you opt for self-publishing on Amazon? Our writers have a strong ability to transform your ideas and concept into a book. We can help you with an effective publishing strategy and guide you during every step. Our utmost goal is to provide you maximum assistance for preparing your book. The professional editors at Ghost writing Professionals can help to increase the quality of your book content considerably. They possess a higher level of writing competence. These factors are crucial for you to proceed with self help publishing. Our company has been working for quite some time, and during this period, we made all efforts to equip ourselves with brilliant resources. Our writers have even worked very hard to exhibit high excellence in every type of content. We have achieved high success in delivering several book writing projects to the clients.

A good ghostwriter can ask inquisitive questions from the author to seek maximum clarity, but the author has complete ownership of the book's idea. We do not push our clients to complete the task of self publishing on Amazon very quickly. The book needs to have some time and space to breathe before being published on Amazon. Once we deliver effective book content to the author, self-help publishing is indeed a starting line. You can achieve little or no success if you won't self publish your book on Amazon. The actual publishing process is not that difficult anymore, but you must understand the Amazon ecosystem brilliantly. We prepare effective strategies for you to self publish eBooks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The best thing is that you can reach out to millions of readers on Amazon. You can earn considerably higher royalties on sales in different countries such as in the USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, and many more. The opportunities are immense, and you must now prepare a plan to start your eBook to get it published on Amazon because of numerous benefits.


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Range Of Services

With impressive writing style and unmatched vision, we step forward with a massive range of ghostwriting services provided at the most affordable pricing.


Bestselling Self-Help

We work with industry bestselling ghost writers who know how to improve your story into a publish-worthy book.

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We collaborate thoroughly with you to collect the significant details of your life and develop them into a compelling narrative.

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Custom Ghostwriting

Every idea and every subject is unique. That’s why we align you with a team that knows your target audience.

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We help you build an efficient publishing strategy and guide you through every step to guarantee your book best achieves your goals.

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Big-5 Editors

Your project will be handled and edited by a former acquisitions editor from a Big-5 publisher with many New York Times successful titles.

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Proven Success

Our track record includes several best-selling published books, numerous award-winners, and #1 New York Times bestsellers.

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Your one-stop shop offering all writing , editing, and publishing solutions.


utobiography & Memoir

Our ghostwriters are well-trained to write autobiography & memoirs and not to confuse it with each other as they are often used interchangeably by other writers. Hence, you can anytime consult us for ghostwriting any sort of autobiography & memoir.

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elf help books

Self-help is a kind of genre that holds vital importance because people read to address their psychological health issues. At Ghostwriting Professionals, your experience will be changed. Our ghostwriters have written several self-help books that have helped people heal. Start your book today with us!

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usiness Books

Books in the business genre are about the management and running of a business, or in the financial aspects of a business. We help you create a compelling business book that brings your legacy to life. Share your success business story and get it ghostwritten and published by us.

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Our team of Fiction Ghostwriters will jot down your creative ideas into charismatic and interesting literary form to spellbind the readers. We pay special attention to the author’s main plot, ensuring not to let it deviate from its main track.

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on - Fiction

Non Fiction writing holds excellent importance as truth is always captivating for its audience. Reality plays an essential part in everyone’s life as there can be nothing more felt than the fact that it is visible to the eyes.

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hildren Books

If you want to share an amazing experience with children or want to put children to sleep while reading a great book to them and you have indefinite ideas on your mind, but you’re unsure of the correct tone. Worry no more, our ghostwriting services include magazines, stories & poems that are best for children.

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The broad range of our services offered here will let you take a leap to success within days. Our work depicts remarkable expertise & lets you achieve a prominent position among your target readers. To enhance our services & to keep our customers fully contented, we respect their every feedback & bring possible changes to stand on their expectations.

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